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36 33 13 Animoticons

Animoticons or are the latest edition to the smiley central toolbar which you can download to your own browser interface in seconds.
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16 12 7 Animoticons

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And what a superb addition they are! Full of lovable animal characters the animoticon family extends the range of free emoticons into the animal world. You can collect your own zoo of wild animals. Imagine an animoticon zoo! they are all moving and most are in stunning 3D effects.

This brings a whole new dimension to your communications. Do any of your friands have animal nicknames? Now they can have an animoticon to match their nickname. Tiger Woods has a whole new image now with the appropriate animoticon linked to him. (He has a whole new image to sort out as I write this!!)

The amazingly huge range of animoticons available covers to family pets with everything in between.

36 33 17 Animoticons

Some animoticons, like this snake, are a bit scary. But there are plenty of other animoticons which are cuddly and ideal to send to your nephew or neice. How about this fantastic teddy bear animoticon?

36 27 3 Animoticons

An . Whatever next?

But I think you get the picture. These animoticons can be used for every occasion and what’s more with the new free smiley central toolbar there are much easier to use than before. The have already switched to this method of capturing over 10,000 emoticons without having to spend hours doing it.

This is now the best way to get the latest generation of animoticons and smiley emoticons in seconds.

The free toolbar lets you send animoticons to email and mobile phones easily from within your browser bar. What could be easier? Your friends will be amazed. Imagine what you can do with these.

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